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Top 5 household products you need

What are the products that I love to use? What are the products that I’d be happy to recommend and I just think every homeowner should have it in their home. Well, today, I’m going to share with you my Top 5 household products that I think are very beneficial to your home, to keep it healthy, happy and clean, and not only that it’s super helpful for those of you who are thinking about selling as well. Are you ready to get started? Lets do it?

Hey, there I’m going to be covering my top five most favorite products that I use tried-and-true, and so we are Going to get started But before we do so make sure that if you find this entertaining or you learn a thing or two go ahead and give me a thumbs up and hit that subscribe button All right, so I’m gonna start with number one do it Is a very much under appreciated, much like their mascot, which is mule — mule brand borax. So this is a product that has been around for thousands of years. It’S a very natural and you might wonder what you use it for. Well, there’s lots of things you can use it for, but there are two main things that I like to use it for, and that is number one to wash bedding and like dog products and stuff like that, because it’s really really really effective at killing things like Fleas dust mites or any other little critters, I don’t know spiders if you take things out of the Attic and that kind of thing, and not only that it is a really really fantastic product to put in your laundry.

Even if you don’t have any kinds of arachnids in your clothes, clothing or blankets, because it does a really good job of refreshing and strengthening the power of your laundry soap. Now it’s a bit like you know the Trojan horse, because all those germs will think this is just regular soap. This is just regular detergent, but it is not at all. It is going to totally destroy germs. Maybe not totally do a really good job at destroying germs, and also taking out that old grime. Thats probably in your clothes, it’s almost like a clarifying shampoo, but for your clothes.

So that is number one all right. My number two favorite product is one benefits again. This is a natural product, it’s actually derived from plants, and some of you might be thinking. How is the plant-based products supposed to clean really well? Well, they have special technology now to harness the power of plant life, and it’s super fantastic because being effect is an absolute Holy Grail. So, if you have pets and they pee or poop in the house, if you have a mold and damp spaces, if you’re up at your cottage, if you have like that mildew and stuff on your siding at the cottage or even at the house of your shed, This is going to stop you from all those times you were scrubbing and you thought this is never going to come out. It still smells or my arms gon na fall off, because this mildew is not going away. This will take away your mildew, your mold, your biological smells. It even is a setup to destroy things like AIDS. Yes, it is true, so I get this locally from Rennes pet Depot. I really like it it you get a gallon for about $ 40, but it really goes a long way, so highly recommend that you are going to. Thank me, especially if you have moisture issues in your house or basement, remove the mold, the visible mold and then spray this product on and clean it, so very, very good investment.

Everyone should have this product in their home. The third product that I really really appreciate is one that I also underestimated. I was a little bit ignorant and I thought you know I want to basically deal with grease and dish problems as little as possible, so I’m just going to get the strongest product on the market. Now, as we know, there’s a popular dish. Soap, brand dishwashing liquid brand that we use to clean up animals that have oil spills and you think well, if it can clean oil spills, then it can clean. My dishes really well. One thing that I found with this product is that it often leaves a residue or smell, and I’m just I don’t find that very appetizing, and one day I decided I’m going to do a little research and find an alternative product that actually works and does not Leave a disgusting residue and I was able to find that product as you can see here, and it is amazing, it actually works better than any other dish. Soap I have ever used and there is no gross residue that you can smell on your dishes. I love it, give it a try. I think it would be fantastic if you switched over to this, because I just think it’s healthier as well. Okay, so number four one of the things that I really enjoy our sage at natural products, mainly a one of their big products for the home, would be their diffuser and their diffuser oils.

Now, if you’re concerned about keeping your home fresh, then this is a really great option. They have lots of citrus ones, and you know this type of wood and that type of herb, but the other benefit is that it’s completely natural. So it’s actually not only is it making your home smell nice, but it’s also therapeutic and you don’t have to feel guilty about smelling chemicals all day if you spend your time at home or if you have young children or pets who may be sensitive to different Chemicals in a lot of the household products that are made to make our homes smell nice with artificial scents, for example, so definitely give these a try.

You know there’s so many varieties and you’re bound to find at least one that you really like. Finally, my number five household product that everyone should have in their home to take care of their home is steel, wool and no it’s not really for cleaning or what it is for is that well during the fall months, especially, we get a lot of rodents Who decide it kind of sucks to live outside and it’s a lot warmer a lot more luxurious to come inside and live in your home. So what you can do is go around your house looking for little spots where there may be cracks or spots where mice can get in in your cupboards behind baseboards things like that and go ahead and grab your steel wool and stuff it in that hole, because The mice will not be coming through there anymore.

This is a super easy temporary fix until you have time to resolve the issue permanently. Well, I hope you enjoyed that those are my five top tips for homeowners and people thinking about selling, because it’s easy if they work, I use them everyday. I love them and I recommend all of these products to everybody.

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Top Rated Cordless Vacuum Cleaners You can buy in Japan

Japanese vacuum cleaning manufacturers have been busy competing with Dyson’s vacuum cleaner stick. They’ve come up with so many new vacuum cleaners, we’ve putting six brand new models to the test! The vacuum cleaners were compared primarily on the suction test and their usability.

In our suction test, we dropped 5 grams of cereal and 10 grams of baking soda on the floor and swept the floor once with each vacuum cleaner.

The Reviewer

Best Japanese Products

The Powerful Dyson Cyclone


Dyson Cyclone

V10 Fluffy

Price: 70,000 yen ($625)

The Dyson Cyclone has been outfitted with a new motor that boasts a respectable 125,000 revolutions per minute. The efficiency of the suction system has been improved because of the modifications in the Air Flow Path component. It collects large and small trash with its roller based head. Disposing of the garbage has also become easier with the change in the shape of the holding bin.

● Size: W250 × H1232 × D245 mm, Weight: 2.58 kg

[Suction test】



The roller head with the felt material encloses the cereal and the baking soda.

Red and purple nylon felt catches larger dust and debris. The black carbon fiber brush that suppresses static electricity sucks fine dust.

↑ There are 4 attachments. It has a mini motor head that is suited for cleaning sofas and futons. It also has a nozzle that can take out and clean the brush etc.

※: Also includes a dedicated bracket

[Toiida’s(Reviewer) scoring is】

Dust collection performance: ☆ × 5

Usability: ☆ × 4.5

Maintenance property: ☆ × 4

Attachment: ☆ × 4

The strength of Dyson’s sucking power is admirable, especially on floors.

The roller heads move rapidly and collect dust quickly. To remove the garbage, you’ll need to remove the pipe. Although this is a hassle, it is much better than conventional machines.

The Toshiba Torneo is a great mix of Lightness and Power.


Torneo V cordless

VC-CL 1400

Actual selling price 47,280 yen ($422 USD)

The suction is run by a powerful motor that moves at a speed of 110,000 revolutions per minute. The design is made of a lightweight fiberglass for the main body and head with a weight of just about 1.9kgs.

With this machine, there are accessories like the Air Blow Nozzle which is useful to blow off dust accumulated in the window sashes.

Size: W266 × H1030 × D224㎜, weight 1.9 kg

[Suction test】



A little of the sodium bicarbonate was left on the floor after one sweep. When I lifted the head after cleaning, little bit of cereal was spilt.

The dust collection process has been improved because of the increase in width of the suction head. It’s wider than a conventional model.

↑ It has a total of 5 pieces including an air blow nozzle and a futon brush. Using the accessory hose it is easy to hold the attachment with the right hand and fix the accessories with the left hand.

[Toiida’s scoring is】

Dust collection performance: ☆ × 4.5

Usability: ☆ × 5

Maintenance property: ☆ × 4.5

Attachment: ☆ × 5

One unit that was well-balanced from suction to expandability!

Good and decent power along with a wide suction head makes this a good device.

Toida’s review is “It has good collecting power for everyday use and a good center of gravity. You don’t feel the burden of cleaning. The accessories are great for specific types of cleaning. ”

The Ideal Vacuum Cleaner for Narrow Spaces – Panasonic iT ( It)


iT ( It)

MC-SBU 510 J

Actual selling price 51,840 yen($463.39)

When you twist your hands, the head becomes vertical, helping you clean the gaps between your furniture with ease. When it hits the wall, the front part of the head opens and the dust on the wall can be removed as well!

Size: W252 × H1160 × D153 ㎜, Weight: 2.2 kg

【Suction test】



In the first push, all the cereal was sucked in and the baking soda was sucked in when the vacuum cleaner was pulled back. There was no spill from the head as well.

Cleaning the walls is comfortable because of the roller that slides in front of the head. The ‘Y’ brush carries the garbage to the suction port easily.

It comes with a nozzle for removing dust from gaps. Standard size “Kurutto Power Nozzles” can be used for larger gaps.

[Toiida’s scoring is

Dust collection performance: ☆ × 4.5

Usability: ☆ × 4

Maintenance property: ☆ × 4.5

Attachment: ☆ × 3.5

The suction power to remove fine dust is appreciable.

The suction power is sufficient and the Kurutto Power Nozzle is convenient to clean clumps of dust. The only drawback is that it feels slightly heavy while cleaning. “

The Hitachi Power Boost Cyclone.


Power boost cyclone

PV-BEH 900

Actual price 49,200 yen($439.79)

As it moves forward, the front face of the head opens wide and when you bring it back, the head closes. It’s also equipped with a variety of cleaning tools, including one that can clean your car.

Size: W255 × H1012 × D308 mm, Weight: 2.1 kg

【Suction test】



All the cereal and the baking soda was sucked in one push of the vacuum cleaner. The results were amazing, performing as well as the Dyson.

↑ It’s equipped with a dedicated wiping brush(green) that helps in wiping off any slimy crud on the floor. The brush is also washable.

It has a set of tools such as the mini power head, a hard brush, a smart hose and more.

[Toiida’s scoring is 】

Dust collection performance: ☆ × 5

Usability: ☆ × 4

Maintenance property: ☆ × 4.5

Attachment: ☆ × 5

The device’s suction power is unparalleled. It also has plenty of tools that have various combinations which is slightly cumbersome. The garbage compression function helps in throwing garbage easily.

The Extremely Light Sharp RACTIVE Air.




Actual selling price 62,290 yen($557)

The Light Power Body setting has a suction power that is 1.3 times the Full Power mode. The head comes off with a simple push of the lever and inside is the Surgut Brush that is useful to clean the shelf.

Size: W222 × H980 × D220 mm, Weight: 1.5 kg

【Suction test】



It sucks almost all the garbage in one move and removes the remaining dust with the pull back, although a few granules of cereal were left under the head.

The brush with the microfiber loop does not miss the finest of dust.

Cleaning the entire room is possible with the various brushes that bend vertically and horizontally.

[Toiida’s scoring is 】

Dust collection performance: ☆ × 4.5

Usability: ☆ × 5

Maintenance property: ☆ × 4.5

Attachment: ☆ × 5

Just the perfect amount of power to clean!

“Anyway it’s light and easy to clean, it has sufficient suction power for a typical household and comes with 2 batteries that can be removed and charged” (Toida)

The 3 in 1 Electrolux Ergorapido


Ergorapido · lithium

Premium ZB 3324 B

Actual selling price 56,820 yen($510)

This vacuum cleaner is multi-purposed, useful as a handy futon cleaner and because of its low center of gravity, the device can be moved easily with a light push. The filter nearly removes all the fine particles.

Size: W265 × H1070 × D140 mm, Weight: 2.5 kg

【Suction test】



The suction power is strong but a few cereal particles were sprayed left and right because of the rotation of the brush. The baking soda was collected cleanly.

The powerful electric nozzle has a function that cuts tangled hair and sucks it.

The are many nozzles for cleaning such as the futon nozzle, gap nozzle, extension hose. The storage bag is also provided.

[Toiida’s scoring is 】

Dust collection performance: ☆ × 4

Usability: ☆ × 4.5

Maintenance property: ☆ × 4

Attachment: ☆ × 4.5

It’s the perfect floor cleaner

With the perfectly balanced center of gravity it’s easy to clean the floor. It is difficult to clean steps however because of the weight. The futon head nozzle looks cool.

Our favorite of all is this


Types of Waterproofing Jobs

When it comes to ensuring the durability of your house or offices, waterproofing plays a significant role. The concept can be applied in the basement of structures, roofs, Swimming pools, inside of walls and most importantly the bathrooms and kitchens.

There are various methods of waterproofing that ensure an overall protection of the vicinity through locking the water to seep into the adjacent areas.

1. Cementitious Waterproofing: It is the most basic and an easy way to perform Waterproofing during the times of construction. The easy thing is that you can obtain the material involved in the process easy from any hardware store. The method is applied on the internal areas of the bathrooms which are prone to water. As the waterproofing is done inside the bathroom, it is not exposed to the effect of sunlight and hence it doesn’t undergo the expansion or contraction process.

The applications of the Cementitious waterproofing can be of great worth:
You can apply the method for the waterproofing of Water treatment plants, Bridges, Parking Lots, Dams, Sewage treatment plants, River locks and more.

2. Liquid Waterproofing membrane method: This involves the inculcation of a thing primer coat and two layers of the top coats which are deployed via spray, roller or can be with the aid of a trowel as well. The method is famous due to its properties, it offers more flexibility than any other method of waterproofing. With over 280% of the elongation range, the liquid waterproofing can be your best pick.

3. Bituminous Coat Waterproofing method: With the introduction of Polymer grade in the formularization of waterproof coating, Bituminous Coating method has been derived. The method offers an unprecedented level of flexibility to the surface, the protection against the water has been upgraded as well with the use of the Bituminous method. The method is also known as the asphalt coating in various regions of the world. The method is applied amidst the areas that rest beneath the screed wet conditions. The method provides an excellent protective shield against the water when it comes to concrete surfaces.

4. Bituminous Membrane Waterproofing method: If you’re looking forward to shielding your low-sloped roofs from the water, then Bituminous Membrane methods can be your best pick. The proven performance of the Bituminous Membrane covering is unmatched, with self-adhesive membrane the concept is revolutionizing the way waterproofing is done. Asphalt, Polymers and fillers are the prime ingredients of the Self-Adhesive compound. Several sorts of oil resins have also been added to the mixture to improve the adhesion property.

5. Polyurethane Liquid Waterproofing: The method is best suited for the coating of the flat roof surfaces, it can do wonders for your homes, offices and much more. The method can be bit expensive but it’s worth every buck you spend. Polyurethane is the prime compound, it is highly sensitive to the moisture content, one needs to check the moisture level of the concrete surfaces before the deployment. The method provides a top-notch to of protection from the water.

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home services review

Amazon Home Services Review

It’s pretty baffling the number of things Amazon does. They get into different verticals and capture that space. One of the verticals they’ve gotten into is christened ‘Amazon Home Service’.

Amazon Home Service is a marketplace for Home Services like Handyman, Plumbing, Painting etc. If you have any issues with the plumbing in your house or you need assembly or anything home related, Amazon Home Services has a list of service professionals who are ready to take up your order.

Based on our experience these are the pros and cons.


  • It kind of pushes you to up your game because of Amazon factor in Yelp and Google reviews while rating the service professional
  • You have a choice whether to work on a contract or not.
  • You can be flexible with the payments, either going fixed or having a flexible paying system
  • You can gather all the information you can about the project
  • It’s a steady stream of leads and you don’t have to spend time or money on a website or other information.


  • You cannot contact your leads via the phone but need to do it only through their platform which is time cumbersome.
  • Not much information about the service professional which doesn’t really help the customer gain confidence
  • The lack of information about niche services means users contact service professionals for services they don’t cater. It’s a waste of time for everybody.
  • Amazon do not let you have a history of your leads or information that can help you take a decision, after the contract is over, this information disappears.
  • Amazon also take a gargantuan chunk of the earnings as commission. For orders lesser than $1000, they take 20%. If you have recurring services, they take a 10% cut out of every visit.
home services amazon

I’m on the fence about Amazon Home Services and it definitely is a bit of a hit or a miss.

There’s a lot of changes that Amazon needs to make. They need to reduce the commissions they take which would make the service professional more keen on using the platform. They need to provide more value to the service professional in terms of information of the customers. They also need to create niches and explain the different services clearly to avoid leads for the wrong services.

Final review: It will take some time, but they aren’t there yet.

life as handyman

Life of a Handyman

Good morning, This will be my first full day back at work since I had my daughter, I still got to do a few things to get ready, but I got a job that is actually The opposite direction of what I normally go to for work But people ask me how far I traveled for jobs.

Typically it’s about 20 miles Today my job is only about nine miles away, but it’s actually nine miles in the other direction. So Home Depot is the direction I normally go and Lowe’s is other direction. So today I’m actually gonna go to Lowe’s so pretty for me. Yeah, really? It’s not that bad but I hate going to Lowe’s because I don’t really know where anything is and it’s hard to get anyone to Point you in the right direction, but that’s where I’m heading today So I gotta get ready eat some eat some breakfast and then get out of here.

These are the same ones that I got a while back 40 bucks One reason why I like blow or Home Depot or Lowe’s was Home Depot had in half and I never had anything Lowe’s had an applet certainly they do Pretty sweet so you could type in whatever you’re looking for. It tells you what aisle and what Bay? Everything is in that’s pretty sweet so now you can you get some of the electrical outlets and then Get out of here.

I need to pick up some electrical outlets. Not really sure on the color cuz uh honestly, I quoted this job about Probably out three months ago and really and my notes. All I have is some off-white Duplex outlets and So there’s a few different colors of outlets, so I’m gonna get a few and then see which ones we use All right got these guys are white and these are off-white so I’ll get those two and see which one it works out to be I Need this one It is Up there All done it lows now time to head to the job. I got a few different things going on at this job

It’s supposed to be like 95 degrees today So the first thing I’m going to do is the dryer vent cleaning want to get up on that roof as soon as possible Before it gets too hot. So I’m gonna head over to the job right now show you guys what I’m doing Please And these outlets they’re loose they just don’t hold anything So We’re gonna go ahead and replace those guys Okay, got the five outlets and you’re done

And over there got those five outlets in that room done Replace them because they were all worn out. But the other ones in the other room they’re The wrong color so she wants those replaced. So I just went ahead and replace them all with the same colored ones So now I just got to shut power off and get to the other room.

Well, that’s it for my jobs today I didn’t quite get everything done that I wanted to today One of the jobs that day that we had on the estimate for the day was to fix the drywall above the shower they have their Handheld showerhead is leaking like crazy so whenever it’s used to just sprays water on the back of the shower and the tile that goes just Barely above the showerhead so it sprays up onto the drywall And when I estimated this job three months ago I had told him if they’re gonna need a new Handheld showerhead and I could do that for them if they wanted but they said no that they’ll replace that themselves

Let sure enough now Three months later. It’s still not replaced and it’s still weekend like crazy and the wall is wet. So Yeah, I can’t do that repair today because I don’t want to repair something and have it you know Just go back to nothing You know when I’m done with it, I so I’m gonna tell them that they’re gonna need to replace the showerhead

Before I could do that before I could do that drywall and obviously I want to dry out a bit before I before I get in there just so there’s No other issues also another another job on the estimate was to Put some trim Just some quarter round trim around Below the countertops in the kitchen because I got new countertops installed I Have the right-sized wood for that I I got the right size wood now, but it’s much too late in the day to get going on that So that’s gonna have to wait for another day so I guess I’ll be coming back to this house some other time to do that cord around trim in the kitchen and Repair that drywall above the shower

Hopefully once they replace their handheld showerhead or I could do that for them But I don’t know why they didn’t want me to do before so yeah, the state went good The only thing that was kind of crazy and I’ve never had happen to me before was actually I didn’t show it in this video, but I’m gonna be showing it on the next next week’s video because it kind of Yeah, it deserves its own video when I was cleaning the dryer vent the my My dryer vent brush kit tool snapped in half inside the dryer vent they had me worried a little bit there for a sec.

I’m like Holy crap, how the heck am I gonna get this thing out? But luckily it wasn’t the dryer vent was not like Factory as you want to say some Joe Schmoe put it in and it was all done real wonky So I was able to go into the attic and undo it and get it out. But but yeah, that’s it That’s a job for itself. I’m gonna post that video next week. So stay tuned for that That so that took a little bit longer than expected

But everything else today went according to plan so now I’m gonna head home I’m gonna start my real job, which is caring for my daughter and my wife.

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