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Amazon Home Services Review

It’s pretty baffling the number of things Amazon does. They get into different verticals and capture that space. One of the verticals they’ve gotten into is christened ‘Amazon Home Service’.

Amazon Home Service is a marketplace for Home Services like Handyman, Plumbing, Painting etc. If you have any issues with the plumbing in your house or you need assembly or anything home related, Amazon Home Services has a list of service professionals who are ready to take up your order.

Based on our experience these are the pros and cons.


  • It kind of pushes you to up your game because of Amazon factor in Yelp and Google reviews while rating the service professional
  • You have a choice whether to work on a contract or not.
  • You can be flexible with the payments, either going fixed or having a flexible paying system
  • You can gather all the information you can about the project
  • It’s a steady stream of leads and you don’t have to spend time or money on a website or other information.


  • You cannot contact your leads via the phone but need to do it only through their platform which is time cumbersome.
  • Not much information about the service professional which doesn’t really help the customer gain confidence
  • The lack of information about niche services means users contact service professionals for services they don’t cater. It’s a waste of time for everybody.
  • Amazon do not let you have a history of your leads or information that can help you take a decision, after the contract is over, this information disappears.
  • Amazon also take a gargantuan chunk of the earnings as commission. For orders lesser than $1000, they take 20%. If you have recurring services, they take a 10% cut out of every visit.
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I’m on the fence about Amazon Home Services and it definitely is a bit of a hit or a miss.

There’s a lot of changes that Amazon needs to make. They need to reduce the commissions they take which would make the service professional more keen on using the platform. They need to provide more value to the service professional in terms of information of the customers. They also need to create niches and explain the different services clearly to avoid leads for the wrong services.

Final review: It will take some time, but they aren’t there yet.