life as handyman

Life of a Handyman

Good morning, This will be my first full day back at work since I had my daughter, I still got to do a few things to get ready, but I got a job that is actually The opposite direction of what I normally go to for work But people ask me how far I traveled for jobs.

Typically it’s about 20 miles Today my job is only about nine miles away, but it’s actually nine miles in the other direction. So Home Depot is the direction I normally go and Lowe’s is other direction. So today I’m actually gonna go to Lowe’s so pretty for me. Yeah, really? It’s not that bad but I hate going to Lowe’s because I don’t really know where anything is and it’s hard to get anyone to Point you in the right direction, but that’s where I’m heading today So I gotta get ready eat some eat some breakfast and then get out of here.

These are the same ones that I got a while back 40 bucks One reason why I like blow or Home Depot or Lowe’s was Home Depot had in half and I never had anything Lowe’s had an applet certainly they do Pretty sweet so you could type in whatever you’re looking for. It tells you what aisle and what Bay? Everything is in that’s pretty sweet so now you can you get some of the electrical outlets and then Get out of here.

I need to pick up some electrical outlets. Not really sure on the color cuz uh honestly, I quoted this job about Probably out three months ago and really and my notes. All I have is some off-white Duplex outlets and So there’s a few different colors of outlets, so I’m gonna get a few and then see which ones we use All right got these guys are white and these are off-white so I’ll get those two and see which one it works out to be I Need this one It is Up there All done it lows now time to head to the job. I got a few different things going on at this job

It’s supposed to be like 95 degrees today So the first thing I’m going to do is the dryer vent cleaning want to get up on that roof as soon as possible Before it gets too hot. So I’m gonna head over to the job right now show you guys what I’m doing Please And these outlets they’re loose they just don’t hold anything So We’re gonna go ahead and replace those guys Okay, got the five outlets and you’re done

And over there got those five outlets in that room done Replace them because they were all worn out. But the other ones in the other room they’re The wrong color so she wants those replaced. So I just went ahead and replace them all with the same colored ones So now I just got to shut power off and get to the other room.

Well, that’s it for my jobs today I didn’t quite get everything done that I wanted to today One of the jobs that day that we had on the estimate for the day was to fix the drywall above the shower they have their Handheld showerhead is leaking like crazy so whenever it’s used to just sprays water on the back of the shower and the tile that goes just Barely above the showerhead so it sprays up onto the drywall And when I estimated this job three months ago I had told him if they’re gonna need a new Handheld showerhead and I could do that for them if they wanted but they said no that they’ll replace that themselves

Let sure enough now Three months later. It’s still not replaced and it’s still weekend like crazy and the wall is wet. So Yeah, I can’t do that repair today because I don’t want to repair something and have it you know Just go back to nothing You know when I’m done with it, I so I’m gonna tell them that they’re gonna need to replace the showerhead

Before I could do that before I could do that drywall and obviously I want to dry out a bit before I before I get in there just so there’s No other issues also another another job on the estimate was to Put some trim Just some quarter round trim around Below the countertops in the kitchen because I got new countertops installed I Have the right-sized wood for that I I got the right size wood now, but it’s much too late in the day to get going on that So that’s gonna have to wait for another day so I guess I’ll be coming back to this house some other time to do that cord around trim in the kitchen and Repair that drywall above the shower

Hopefully once they replace their handheld showerhead or I could do that for them But I don’t know why they didn’t want me to do before so yeah, the state went good The only thing that was kind of crazy and I’ve never had happen to me before was actually I didn’t show it in this video, but I’m gonna be showing it on the next next week’s video because it kind of Yeah, it deserves its own video when I was cleaning the dryer vent the my My dryer vent brush kit tool snapped in half inside the dryer vent they had me worried a little bit there for a sec.

I’m like Holy crap, how the heck am I gonna get this thing out? But luckily it wasn’t the dryer vent was not like Factory as you want to say some Joe Schmoe put it in and it was all done real wonky So I was able to go into the attic and undo it and get it out. But but yeah, that’s it That’s a job for itself. I’m gonna post that video next week. So stay tuned for that That so that took a little bit longer than expected

But everything else today went according to plan so now I’m gonna head home I’m gonna start my real job, which is caring for my daughter and my wife.

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