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Top 5 household products you need

What are the products that I love to use? What are the products that I’d be happy to recommend and I just think every homeowner should have it in their home. Well, today, I’m going to share with you my Top 5 household products that I think are very beneficial to your home, to keep it healthy, happy and clean, and not only that it’s super helpful for those of you who are thinking about selling as well. Are you ready to get started? Lets do it?

Hey, there I’m going to be covering my top five most favorite products that I use tried-and-true, and so we are Going to get started But before we do so make sure that if you find this entertaining or you learn a thing or two go ahead and give me a thumbs up and hit that subscribe button All right, so I’m gonna start with number one do it Is a very much under appreciated, much like their mascot, which is mule — mule brand borax. So this is a product that has been around for thousands of years. It’S a very natural and you might wonder what you use it for. Well, there’s lots of things you can use it for, but there are two main things that I like to use it for, and that is number one to wash bedding and like dog products and stuff like that, because it’s really really really effective at killing things like Fleas dust mites or any other little critters, I don’t know spiders if you take things out of the Attic and that kind of thing, and not only that it is a really really fantastic product to put in your laundry.

Even if you don’t have any kinds of arachnids in your clothes, clothing or blankets, because it does a really good job of refreshing and strengthening the power of your laundry soap. Now it’s a bit like you know the Trojan horse, because all those germs will think this is just regular soap. This is just regular detergent, but it is not at all. It is going to totally destroy germs. Maybe not totally do a really good job at destroying germs, and also taking out that old grime. Thats probably in your clothes, it’s almost like a clarifying shampoo, but for your clothes.

So that is number one all right. My number two favorite product is one benefits again. This is a natural product, it’s actually derived from plants, and some of you might be thinking. How is the plant-based products supposed to clean really well? Well, they have special technology now to harness the power of plant life, and it’s super fantastic because being effect is an absolute Holy Grail. So, if you have pets and they pee or poop in the house, if you have a mold and damp spaces, if you’re up at your cottage, if you have like that mildew and stuff on your siding at the cottage or even at the house of your shed, This is going to stop you from all those times you were scrubbing and you thought this is never going to come out. It still smells or my arms gon na fall off, because this mildew is not going away. This will take away your mildew, your mold, your biological smells. It even is a setup to destroy things like AIDS. Yes, it is true, so I get this locally from Rennes pet Depot. I really like it it you get a gallon for about $ 40, but it really goes a long way, so highly recommend that you are going to. Thank me, especially if you have moisture issues in your house or basement, remove the mold, the visible mold and then spray this product on and clean it, so very, very good investment.

Everyone should have this product in their home. The third product that I really really appreciate is one that I also underestimated. I was a little bit ignorant and I thought you know I want to basically deal with grease and dish problems as little as possible, so I’m just going to get the strongest product on the market. Now, as we know, there’s a popular dish. Soap, brand dishwashing liquid brand that we use to clean up animals that have oil spills and you think well, if it can clean oil spills, then it can clean. My dishes really well. One thing that I found with this product is that it often leaves a residue or smell, and I’m just I don’t find that very appetizing, and one day I decided I’m going to do a little research and find an alternative product that actually works and does not Leave a disgusting residue and I was able to find that product as you can see here, and it is amazing, it actually works better than any other dish. Soap I have ever used and there is no gross residue that you can smell on your dishes. I love it, give it a try. I think it would be fantastic if you switched over to this, because I just think it’s healthier as well. Okay, so number four one of the things that I really enjoy our sage at natural products, mainly a one of their big products for the home, would be their diffuser and their diffuser oils.

Now, if you’re concerned about keeping your home fresh, then this is a really great option. They have lots of citrus ones, and you know this type of wood and that type of herb, but the other benefit is that it’s completely natural. So it’s actually not only is it making your home smell nice, but it’s also therapeutic and you don’t have to feel guilty about smelling chemicals all day if you spend your time at home or if you have young children or pets who may be sensitive to different Chemicals in a lot of the household products that are made to make our homes smell nice with artificial scents, for example, so definitely give these a try.

You know there’s so many varieties and you’re bound to find at least one that you really like. Finally, my number five household product that everyone should have in their home to take care of their home is steel, wool and no it’s not really for cleaning or what it is for is that well during the fall months, especially, we get a lot of rodents Who decide it kind of sucks to live outside and it’s a lot warmer a lot more luxurious to come inside and live in your home. So what you can do is go around your house looking for little spots where there may be cracks or spots where mice can get in in your cupboards behind baseboards things like that and go ahead and grab your steel wool and stuff it in that hole, because The mice will not be coming through there anymore.

This is a super easy temporary fix until you have time to resolve the issue permanently. Well, I hope you enjoyed that those are my five top tips for homeowners and people thinking about selling, because it’s easy if they work, I use them everyday. I love them and I recommend all of these products to everybody.